DC Wandercast

Evans’ personal zoo, called Acclimation Park, [was] located on his estate off of Foxhall Road in upper northwest D.C.Evans was convinced that exotic animals kept at his zoo—there were 300 of them—would gradually become acclimated to Washington’s weather. He had several monkeys, a zebra, a mountain goat, many parrots, pheasants, and assorted other animals, and was always on the lookout for something new and rare.

— Victor Just Evans — whose patent law firm was located at 9th Street and G Place — was definitely a character

Historian W.B. Bryan relates … President Andrew Jackson also tried to help by directing the ‘public sale of the Numidian lion given him by the king of Morocco’ and dividing the $3,350 profits between the city orphanages.

On This Spot by Douglas E. Evelyn and Paul Dickson, entry on the Washington City Orphan Asylum